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Mobile Grooming Services


Hi! I’m Lori King – the owner of Caring 4 Paws and your mobile groomer. I’m so excited that we have added mobile grooming to our pet services because it fits well with our mission of being “pet parents’ First Choice for peace of mind”.

Even NextDoor Neighborhood Favoritethough I’ve been in the pet services business for 13+ years, I always make sure that I continue to pursue advanced education in pet care/grooming including attending expos and workshops around the US. When we made the decision to expand into mobile grooming, I made sure I trained with the best, and I found that experience at Dogs’ Own Grooming School, where I trained under a master groomer with 30+ years of experience.

Mobile Pet Grooming

Your Pet’s Mobile Grooming “Spa Experience”

Our mobile grooming services arrive at your home or office door in a state-of-the-art mobile grooming van. Inside our van your pet will have the “spa experience” of their life.
  • Hot and cold water so that we can get the perfect bathing temperature (and we don’t need to hook in to your water – we have our own tank!)
  • Heat and air-conditioning means your pet is comfortable no matter what the weather looks like outside
  • Our on-board generator provides us with all of the electricity we need
  • Our mobile grooming van includes a full-size tub so that we can groom pets of most sizes
  • Your pet will enjoy a warm-water hydro massage bath enhanced with our “super suds system”
  • You won’t find a single cage in our mobile grooming van – all drying is done with our forced air drying system – so your beloved furry friend won’t be anywhere near cage drying.
  • And of course, no “spa experience” is complete without soothing music in the background while your pet enjoys their time in our clean, sterile and safe environment – right outside your front door.
You will receive a verbal report after we have completed your pets groom. We will walk you through the services provided and observations ONLY of any health alerts that we may have noticed. We will let you know if we think that a veterinary visit should be considered, but we will not and cannot diagnose.

Benefits of Regular Grooming

  • Because your pet will be so closely examined by the groomer during the grooming process, a groomer may see extra lumps and bumps that may not normally be discovered.
  • Regular grooming can help identify if your dog’s coat looks bad simply because it’s dirty or if there is something wrong with your dog such as allergies, poor nutrition, internal or external parasites or other diseases.
  • Grooming can eliminate various problems such as external parasites or open sores caused by a matted and dirty coat that traps bacteria.
  • Grooming is a part of responsible pet ownership and it contributes to the overall health and well-being of your pet.

Why Choose Mobile Grooming?

Whether you’re a busy professional that’s short on time, or you just don’t want your precious pup to sit in a cage all day at a groomer’s facility waiting for their turn, mobile grooming is the perfect answer to keeping your pets happy, healthy and well-groomed.
  • Save yourself from the hassle of scheduling your day around the drop-off and pick-up of your pet at a grooming salon
  • Be comfortable in the knowledge that your furry friend is just outside your door
  • No more worry about car sick pets! Our mobile van doesn’t move at all while we’re grooming.
  • Ease your pet’s separation anxiety by eliminating the distance that you’re apart
  • Relax and know that your precious pup is receiving one-on-one attention for their whole grooming experience.
  • No longer worry about your pet spending time in a cage, waiting for their turn, stressing out from the sound of other dogs barking, crying and scratching at their cages
Most grooming sessions last about 90 minutes. Mobile Grooming North Denver

Ready to Book an Appointment? Here’s How!

Getting started is easy! Just click the button above, fill out our “Getting To Know You” form and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

For a full description of our Services and Policies, click here.

All pricing depends on breed, size, condition of coat and complexity of trim. While our phone consultation will provide us with enough information to give you a close estimate, if we find that additional time/services will be needed to ensure a quality groom, we will discuss any added costs before we begin.

The following is included in all grooming packages:

  • Use of safe products and equipment
  • Bath and brush
  • Nails trimmed and/or dremeled
  • Warm air fluff drying
  • Ears cleaned and deodorized
  • Ear hair plucking (certain breeds)
  • Breath freshened
  • Anal glands expelled (if requested)
  • Professional trim
  • Bandana or bow
  • Pet Report Card
Additional add-on services are available:
  • Peach or blueberry facial scrub = $4
  • Angel Eyes-eye stain removal = $5
  • Nail polish = $4
  • Hair dye = $25 and up
  • Hot oil treatment = $10
  • Flea and tick eradication without the use of chemicals = $8
  • Tick removal = no charge
  • Dematting (when it is deemed humane) = $40 per 1/2 hour
  • Skunk purification = $25
As with all of our services, we believe strongly that we are here to provide a quality and convenient grooming experience while always keeping your pet’s best interest at heart. We value your pets as a member of our family! Give your furry family member the care they deserve –  fill out our “Getting Started” form today and let’s book your furry friend’s personal spa experience! Our mobile grooming service area includes North Broomfield, North Westminster, Lafayette, Erie, Thornton and Dacono.    

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